Arcade Fire - Self Titled EP (2018) New Sealed 7 x Track Re-issued Vinyl 12" EP

Arcade Fire - Self Titled EP (2018) New Sealed 7 x Track Re-issued Vinyl 12" EP

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Arcade Fire (known unofficially as Us Kids Know) is a self-titled extended play (EP) by the indie rock band Arcade Fire. The EP was recorded in Maine, United States, during the summer of 2002. Arcade Fire was remastered and repackaged for its 2005 re-release by Merge Records for fans after they had "grown obsessed" with the band's debut album, Funeral. It was initially released in 2003 by the band at their shows and website, and then re-released in 2005 by Merge. It received positive reviews from music critics, although some of them noted that it was inferior to their debut album Funeral. Lyrical themes of Arcade Fire consist of parents, suburbia, new love, dread, and drama. The EP's third track, "No Cars Go", was re-recorded for Arcade Fire's second full-length album, Neon Bible. No Cars Go has been played at the majority of live shows since the EP release. Arcade Fire have also played other songs from the EP, live on every tour since, however, it has become less frequent. On their recent tours, they notably played "Headlights Look Like Diamonds" and "Vampire/Forest Fire". 

Contains double sided insert with lyrics and credits 

A1 Old Flame 
A2 I'm Sleeping In A Submarine 
A3 No Cars Go 
A4 The Woodlands National Anthem 

B1 My Heart Is An Apple 
B2 Headlights Look Like Diamonds 
B3 Vampire / Forest Fire