SLADE - Slade In Flame (2021) New Sealed Ltd Splatter Vinyl Re-Issue Vinyl LP

SLADE - Slade In Flame (2021) New Sealed Ltd Splatter Vinyl Re-Issue Vinyl LP

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Slade In Flame (reissue) 

Gatefold Yellow & Red Splattered Vinyl LP


It's difficult to know where to start and what to think of Slade in Flame. As you may have guessed, or indeed known, this is the original score British glam rockers Slade ('Merry Xmas Everybody') made to accompany the movie of the same name, in which the band appear as a fictional 1960s group called Flame. The story follows them as they are picked out from obscurity by record label executives, who facilitate a meteoric rise to superstardom. 

Sadly, though, all is not well within the ranks. At the height of their popularity, Flame break up and disband, never to work together again. The highs and lows of life in the industry, laid bare. To match, Noddy Holder et al opted to deliver a full blown adventure in their soundtrack, playing on heartstrings and going straight for the jugular/hips. If that sounds like your kind of thing, it doesn't get much better than this. Meanwhile, the movie itself has gone from average rating to cult classic in more recent times, with revered critic Mark Kermode describing it as "the Citizen Kane of rock musicals". 

Side 1 - Track 1. How Does It Feel
Side 1 - Track 2. Them Kinda Monkeys Can't Swing
Side 1 - Track 3. So Far So Good
Side 1 - Track 4. Summer Song (Wishing You Were Here)
Side 1 - Track 5. OK Yesterday Was Yesterday
Side 2 - Track 1. Far Far Away
Side 2 - Track 2. This Girl
Side 2 - Track 3. Lay It Down
Side 2 - Track 4. Heaven Knows
Side 2 - Track 5. Standin' On The Corner