Solange - A Seat At The Table (2021) New Sealed Limited White Double Vinyl LP

Solange - A Seat At The Table (2021) New Sealed Limited White Double Vinyl LP

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A Seat At The Table (National Album Day 2021) 

Limited White Vinyl 2 x LP


While much of the world continues to worship at the alter Beyonce, her more famous older sister, the real knows know that actually Solange might be the best musician in the Knowles family. First of all, the American deserves huge props for releasing an album as experimental as this. It is a jazz record of the highest order, with often biographical tracks focussing on the black experience making up the run time. Her own vocals swirl and soar, repeat and rework themselves through each tune with nimble keys and spare drum work, monologues from others and the odd guest helping add colour. It came in 2016 and now gets a limited edition white label reissue as part of National Album Day 2021.

Side 1 - Track 1. Rise
Side 1 - Track 2. Weary
Side 1 - Track 3. The Glory Is In You (interlude)
Side 1 - Track 4. Cranes In The Sky
Side 1 - Track 5. Dad Was Mad (interlude)
Side 2 - Track 1. Mad (feat Lil Wayne)
Side 2 - Track 2. Don't You Wait
Side 2 - Track 3. Tina Taught Me (interlude)
Side 2 - Track 4. Don't Touch My Hair (feat Sampha)
Side 3 - Track 1. This Moment (interlude)
Side 3 - Track 2. Where Do We Go
Side 3 - Track 3. For Us By Us (interlude)
Side 3 - Track 4. FUBU (feat The Dream & BJ The Chicago Kid)
Side 3 - Track 5. Borderline (An Ode To Self Care)
Side 4 - Track 1. I Got So Much Magic, You Can Have It (feat Kelly Rowland & Nia Andrews - interlude)
Side 4 - Track 2. Junie
Side 4 - Track 3. No Limits (interlude)
Side 4 - Track 4. Don't Wish Me Well
Side 4 - Track 5. Pedestals (interlude)
Side 4 - Track 6. Scales (feat Kelela)
Side 4 - Track 7. The Chosen One (Closing)