THE OFFSPRING - Let The Bad Times Roll (2021) New CD ALBUM

THE OFFSPRING - Let The Bad Times Roll (2021) New CD ALBUM

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The legendary So-Cal punk group The Offspring are back with their 10th album and first new offering since 2008. After releasing two standalone tracks in 2020 - the over-the-top cover of Joe Exotic's (of Tiger King infamy) "Hey Kitty Kitty" and a rendition of Darlene Love's classic "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" - the band is ready to plant their punk rock flag in the sand once again with their blistering new album Let the Bad Times Roll.

With the help of producer Bob Rock, Dexter Holland describes the album as "the most cathartic thing we've done. The messages might be dark, but at the end what's left is that communication is important, working through feelings is important and most of all, hope is important." Then let the bad times roll for now, in the hopes that good times lie ahead.

Track List...

1.This Is Not Utopia

2.Let The Bad Times Roll

3.Behind Your Walls

4.Army Of One

5.Breaking These Bones

6.Coming For You

7.We Never Have Sex Anymore

8.In The Hall Of The Mountain King

9.The Opioid Diaries

10.Hassan Chop

11.Gone Away Requiem